Advisor Morocco Travel

Choosing Advisor morocco travel for a travel at hot air ballooning in morocco is choosing luxury but also authenticity. This is manifested by the naturalness of the pilots who transmit their passion to the passengers with a real pleasure and by the reception of the Moroccans. Indeed, each flight is concluded by a breakfast at the inhabitant which proves that the Moroccan hospitality is not a legend. This break is an opportunity for passengers to receive a flight certificate and talk with the pilot.

Flying a hot air ballooning in Morocco is a dream for many people. Like all extreme leisure, it gives rise to contradictory sensations. When inflating the balloon, the impressive size of the balloon is imposed to passengers. As the balloon takes shape, the adrenaline starts to rise. It is at its maximum at takeoff.

As if by magic, once in the air, it is a feeling of calm and serenity that seizes passengers. They can then enjoy the exceptional view offered by Advisor Morocco Travel hot air balloons. The pilot is attentive to each of them and adapts to their reactions. Everything is done so that every person on board the gondola experiences this extraordinary adventure with pleasure and excitement.

During the landing, adrenaline is also at its peak. A slight apprehension is palpable. However, the nacelle found the land firmly. Depending on the weather conditions, it can sometimes be dragged on a few meters.